Red Alert 3 and CnC 3: Kane's Wrath Lag Fix Windows 10 NVIDIA GPU

command and conquer red alert 3

It's a pain but the reason this game only uses the integrated processor GPU is that
the game runs from an non .exe file (cnc3ep1.dat) so nvidia does not recognize it.

My Asus ROG Strix has a 1050Ti and can blow this old game out of the water.
And after doing this it does! Took me a while to nail this down, but anyway on to the fix!

Can haz smood fps? o.0 - Yes you can!

To do the steps below you need to have file extensions visible, do a quick google
search for your OS to find out how, it's easy and done in a sec or two.

Find the cnc3ep1.dat file. R-click the game in steam>properties>Local files tab>
browse local files open "RetailExe" folder>open 1.12 folder> there is the
cnc3ep1.dat file which is the real executable for the game, the other file is
just a launcher.

Make a text document file and rename it to "cnc3ep1.dat.exe" in the 1.12 folder.

R-click your desktop and choose NVIDIA control panel from the menu, then
click "Manage 3d settings", click the "program settings" tab in the right field
and click "Add" to the right in the first field. The game is not in the list here so
we'll have to browse our way to it, in other words, click "browse" and find the file
we just made (cnc3ep1.dat.exe), the default location is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Command and Conquer 3 -Kane's Wrath\RetailExe\1.12\(cnc3ep1.dat.exe)

Double click it!!

Back in the NVIDIA control panel at point 2, we need to choose the GPU we
want to use. From the menu choose "High-performance NVIDIA processor".
Then click Apply to the lower right... (almost there :))

Go back to where we made the file and delete the file we made, yes delete it!
You can now start the game and enjoy the full power of your fancy Nvidia GPU.

This will also work for any Red alert 3 ( ) and RA3 - Uprising
(, just apply the same concept as mentioned in this post.

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